Next Episode: Hell To Pay

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    This poster "Crab Cake" from ZeroHedge sums it up perfectly, IMO. And if you don't think it can happen... just refer to someone getting arrested at Walmart... for doing what again?? Eventually everyones' asshole will be so raw, that they will risk life and limb rather than being fucked again.


    "Those in authority at the Fed and other central banks are conditioned to think they are all powerful. They are not. Their power rests in their ability to transfer financial system risk into a category of sovereign risk."

    A very powerful statement. The author points to economics and extrapolates that the math isn't there for the "all powerful", and I will point to American society. The patience, ignorance, and lethargy, of the People is not infinite; though it might seem so. When these people have nothing left to lose the power structure will crumble before a road rage governmental revolutionary episode that will make the French Revolution seem quaint. The era of the all powerful men was ended by the era of the gun. Bullets make all men equal. The People know the score. Three quarters of the American people couldn't comprehend your piece above (generous?), but they do understand transferance of financial system risk into a category of sovereign risk. People do understand that they've been robbed, that they're rights are eroding, that laws don't apply to the rich, that the politicians don't serve them and are lying, that their childrens' future has never been bleaker... I work in customer service for a TBTF (just another serf), I assure you the concept of being pissed on from above by "the all powerful bankers" is loud and clear. The People still aren't sure how best to fight, and many still have too much to lose to take the first step. However, both of these things is changing rapidly.

    "Americans can always be counted on to do the right thing...after they have exhausted all other possibilities." -Winston Churchill

    I think we all know what the right thing to do is.....