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  1. qdz3


    What will be your next job when you are done as a trader?

    I want be a hired soldier to fight Saddam. Is it possible? How well are hired soldiers paid? Is the job dangerous?

    By the way, all of sudden the word "soldier" looks suspecious to me. When I spell checked it, I thought soldier was sold-ier.

  2. OHLC


    Soldier comes from 'Soldat', a French word meaning 'someone getting paid a salary('solde', comes 'from sou')'.

    Hence, a soldier is ethymologicaly a mercenary.

  3. If you're enlisted, the pay is peanuts (so you don't do it for the money)!
  4. qdz3


    Is there really fundamental difference between a trader and a professional soldier? Both undoubtedly put something on the line to win or to lose it all.

  5. qdz3


    You are talkin about volunteer. I will be hired as professional. There must be good money in it.


  6. why are you so anxious to get your damn fool head blow'd off??!!


  7. here is a good place to start

    there are classifieds there to hire you.

  8. I hope you're kidding! If not, then you're clueless!
  9. What are you talking about? Anyone in the US military is a "professional" soldier. Are you trying to refer to being a mercenary?
  10. Yah, the "imperialists" who returned to Kuwait immediately their oil fields and who will turn Iraqi oil fields over for the development of that country (and who have risked and given the lives of our soldiers in order to avoid civilian casualties to the fullest extent possible). And we were really imperialist when we saved scores of Croatian Muslims when Europe and the world sat idly bye (an action that cost us plenty of $$). Oh, but we're reaping the benefits from all those Croatian oil fields! And how about that great prize of ours, Somalia, where we saved about a million Muslims, despite millions who ended up starving (before and after we pulled left) due to the warlord's corrupt actions. Thank goodness we reaped untold fortunes from their gold and diamond mines (sarcasm for anyone stupid enough not to sense it). You go ahead and kill mercenary wanna be qdz3, but when you look to your left, I'll be there with some Kurds and rebelling Shiites to blow your ass up! By the way, do a freaking spell check you moron!
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