Next bubble/growth Industry?

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  1. Tech -> Housing -> Mortgage/Debt -> Commodities

    Each of these industries brought about great trends. It seems however that the last of these (commodities) is about to pop. So what's next?


    1) Aging boomer population that is starting to retire. We are living longer but not necessarily healthier. As such, industries that provide assisted living services might grow nicely. I certainly do not see children talking care of their parents, those days are long gone.
    The question is, will boomers have enough money? The very real possibility exists that boomers will continue working longer than previously expected.

    2) Mobility is becoming an issue, due to obesity. Although the solution to this problem would be a good dose of exercise, I think most will jump into battery driven carts. Anything that will assist in getting a fat ass into a car and out of it again, might boom. ;)

    3) Potential Cold War Part 2

    Defense Stocks could make a come back as the insatiable machine called the military industrial complex becomes hungry again. One word: Putin. Another word: McCain (we'll see).

    Number 1 and 2 concern health. Yes, personally I believe we are going to enter into a "health bubble".

  2. I can tell you what's been showing up on the tape for me...

    healthcare, biotech, alternative energy
  3. thanks for posting.

    yes there will be a next bubble. we are in the internet era, money gets allocated a lot faster now.Information is like lightning.

    my educated guess is that interest rates go up dramatically.
  4. All bubbles are fueled by cheap credit.
  5. reverse bubble > housing.

    we will/are OVERSHOOTING to the downside, in regional areas. IMO, buying into this exageration will be an incredible opportunity.
  6. Most bubbles happen when there is not enough consumption.
    In America this happens when there is not enough military spending.

    Now we have big military spending again, after almost two decades (the end of the Cold War).
    From this point of view, I expect a sustainable and stable economy, without bubbles but also without crashes.
  7. alternative energy will be the next one.
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    Alt. Energy
    Anything green
    The money is pouring in at the mezzanine level. If you can spell green technology, you'll get venture caps to wine & dine you.
    It will be come to known as the "good bubble".
  9. It could be however, that if commodities keep falling that there will be less of a need for green energy.

    Could you mention some green stocks?
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    You know. If bubble is something we can't avoid, then I will settle for green bubble. :cool:
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