next big bull ===> DBA

Discussion in 'Trading' started by mikeenday, Aug 24, 2011.

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    got in now, still early.
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    sounds interesting
    what is your reasoning more or less?
  3. Doesn't look too compelling to me.


    Should have been owned in 2007. Note the low volume and......what happened when volume exploded, Psst, it's called distribution.

    Base was in 2009. Trend up was a year ago. At resistance, Been there awhile.

    Money is made from price movement not cock n' bull stories.
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  4. You may be right but it may take a year. US wants to increase commodity prices according to John Lekas of Leader Capital so to bring China to its knees:
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    GOLD bubble will take couple month to get re-flated.

    money has to go somewhere and the new place is in ZC/ZW/ZS/SB/... ===> DBA