Nexland Pro800 Turbo Router - Is it worth the money?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by InTheZone, Jan 10, 2003.

  1. Hello,

    Anyone out there who has a Nexland Pro800 Turbo Router?

    Has it worked well for you?

    Any problems with it?

    I'm thinking about picking one up and would appreciate any feedback you may have on this product.


    -- ITZ
  2. I use it with a DSL and a Cable Modem line. When I was using it for load balancing (splitting traffic across the two lines), some of my more esoteric applications got confused for some reason. But, most of the mainstream ones worked.

    I'm using it now where the Cable Modem line is the primary and the DSL line is the backup. If you pull out the cable modem line to simulate a failure of the primary line, the DSL line will pick up the traffic in less than 30 seconds. If it doesn't you have to reset the thing. Regardless, once the switch over occurs, the applications with current connections to the net (i.e. most trading applications) need to be restarted.

    In other words, the fallback capabilities aren't seamless. But, it sure beats having to reconfigure routers etc on the fly to use the backup connection after the primary connection fails. In that sense, I can be back up and running within a few of minutes after the primary connection fails. I estimate that it would take me at about 15 mins to 30 mins to get back up and running without it.