Nexis Capital

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by RandyM85, Nov 8, 2006.

  1. RandyM85


    Anyone ever heard of these guys?
  2. I'm interested in this too. It says on their website:

    New Traders:

    1. The best equity training program nationwide; intense 3 to 6 months training classes and continued career-long guidance
    2. Classroom style and “one on one” training
    3. Unique trading methodologies and strategies
    4. Commission-based job within a true meritocracy; we have designed a performance based payout structure, with compensation tied directly to your performance and results
    5. We give the option to contribute no initial capital
    6. Quick progression to live intra-day trading
    7. A potential $2,000 per month draw/stipend after 3 months
    8. Knowledge of trading strategies that capitalizes on intra-day inefficiencies in the equity marketplace

    Anyone know how selective they are and if they really require no initial capital contribution?
  3. ian525


    I have a job offer from these guys and wanted opinion from someone who has experience with Nexis Capital. Any information would be helpful.

  4. They seemed like a firm who would take anyone willing to contribute capital.

    What was your offer.