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  1. md2952


    Has anyone ever tried nexgen software? Let me know please what you think....Thanks
  2. Hi I just bought the software and really like it.

    If you want to PM me with your e-mail address I can send you a review that I found of the software.

    What I'd recommend doing is signing up for the free chatroom for 2 weeks and paper trade the system.

    While it is not a holy grail it will give you a solid methodology and a good tool to use, but you still have to have skills as a trader and good psychology to be successful.

    I would highly recommend giving it a try and seeing if it suits you. It really does do everything they claim it does on the website.

    Just to let you know I bought the system about 2 weeks ago and am still losing a little bit of money. However this isn't due to the software it's due to my lack of discipline.

    The software has made some amazing calls, but I either get out of them too early or can't seem to get into them because I'm holding out for a tick or two and miss the entire trade. Even on the best days you will still have losers with the software, but it is amazing at calling support/resistance levels and reversals.

    Let me know if you have anymore questions.