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  1. Has anybody used this software for an extended period of time? I tried a free month in the chatroom in December and was sufficiently impressed, to sign up for January, but now they've raised the fees to $600/month up from $250 and I am getting all kinds of pressure to purchase the software at $3,000 normally priced at $5000.

    Like I said I was impressed by how well it charts Fib numbers and the other indicators included in the package, but since December was a dicey month it's hard to tell whether it works long term.

    The website is but I think the site might be down right now.


  2. The site is down. They are using pressure to get you to buy. They reduced the price.

    Does not sound good...
  3. At the bottom is an excerpt from a review in Trader Magazine about T-3 Fibs, from Nexgen. It's a glowing review and I contacted the author yesterday to see if he still felt this way. He said that he did and that he's owned the software since April 2003.

    It might be that my sales guy is just really pushy and trying to make quota or something. But I'd still like to hear from any users if they are out there.

    Also the website is back up in case anybody wants to check this out Not trying to push this, just trying to do my due dilligence as I am very suspicious of vendor's these days.

    "As someone who has reviewed countless trading platforms, programs, plug-ins and systems, this author has seen more than his fair share them. It was his original intention to conduct a standard three-month review of Nexgen’s T-3 Fibs Protrader. However, the program has proven to be too valuable to give up. This is the best single trading system that this author has reviewed to date. It is possible for him to say this because not only has he traded it himself, he has personally met and spoken with other successful traders who feel the same way and have the track records to justify their bias. "- Matt Blackman Trader Magazine
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  5. Hi Roberk-Yes I did read that post. Like I said I took the extra step of contacting the author directly and he says that after almost a year of using the software he still thinks it's the single best tool he has ever seen. I am in the process of gathering other references and also leasing the software via the chatroom as well.

    If you or anybody else would like a copy of the entire review just PM me with your e-mail address as it is too big to post here.
  6. To all posters:
    I am interested in this product and have started to look into it. As a writer, I had ocassion to contact the editors of TASC and Active Trader, and although I submitted many articles, none were selected for publication. I have to conclude that either A.) I am not that good a writer or B.) the subject I wrote about was not of interest (in the editor's opinion) to subscribers. Reading some of the posts about the way articles and product reviews are selected, I think it highlights the need for an impartial third party to serve as a forum for the industry. In my opinion we need a publication similar to "Consumer Reports". I look forward to your comments. Best Regards, Steve46
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    Very needed.
  8. Agreed. Futures Truth I am told does a pretty good job of this to an extent., but they have a limited number of softwares that they review. Unfortunately Nexgen isn't one of them.