Nexgen fraudsters

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    Beware of Nexgen sales people. They use high pressure tactics to sell to you after the trial.... If you are not interested .... be strong!!
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  2. Geez. It gets worse and worse.
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  3. Many of them are. I was surprised how aggressive a Multicharts salesman was. That put me off. But I can imagine that some (probably many) people cave in under pressure.
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    I am a MC user and am generally satisfied with their product.

    Can you please recount what kind of pressure tactics were applied on you? I being a satisfied user would be very interested to hear on this facet of the company. Not to say it is wrong - but I do definitely want to know about it.
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  5. I kinda liked MC too, so I did not mean to say anything negative about it, but after the trial I got a bit too many emails from them and they were a bit too aggressive for my taste, so I did not buy it.

    I cannot recall anything specific, that was over 2 years ago.
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    Today's (05/29/2013) Nexgen News!

    Nexgen Traders,
    I have been asked enough times I am sending this out to better explain our upcoming trading roomconcept for those who participate in the upcoming seminar.
    By the way there are only 14 spots left for the June 22-23 seminar so if you wish to attend please let us know ASAP!
    The live trading room will be a live video of our charts as we place trades in Hotcomm. Perhaps two live video feeds into the room so you can see different traders trades. One from John Novakand one from Jeremy Shafer.
    I have not anticipated a cost for the room yet nor wish to think about it , I may just leaveit for those who attend the seminars exclusively but just don't know yet , We are just focusing ontrading for now as we wish to transition out of software sales and full time trading and education only in the near future at Nexgen and are working towards such.
    With the seminar you will get two months free in the trading room. With the knowledge fromthe seminar , which will be exactly what we are going to trade live in our room in front of everyone , you should be knocking it dead. By the end of the two months I will have figured out my strategy for our live trading room costs and participation.
    Our goal for the room trading is to have 300-700 per contract in winners most days in the room. The markets will vary depending on what is moving.. Crude Oil and Russell futures willbe the mainstay but depending on market conditions , we will adjust accordingly.
    The room is going to be Educational AFTER Trades are complete .. meaning , there will be no voice , no education , just trading so we don't get distracted from making money. Participants get to watch us trade and post their own trades live if they wish for later review.
    Once complete we will go through our trades and what we could have done better or did perfectly and also anyone else who wishes to post the trades so that will be educational daily with "real " trading .
    If you would like to sign up for the seminar in June just call me directly anytime.
    Here is a link to the seminar.
    John Novak - CEO
    Nexgen Software Services Inc.
    281-886-0750 ( direct )
    SKYPE - johnnovak
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    I bought the Nexgen Software and paid sticker price. I am happy with my purchase. Many methods work, some have more nuance than others. Sure, some of the Nexgen indicators are standard formulas, but some are original Nexgen ideas. Novak was the 1st to put them all together in this combination with trading signals that really work! His signals make other moving average systems look primitive to me. The truth is in the charts. You can see his trade set ups every day working over and over. I have not seen another set of indicators that suit my fancy as well. Other may like something else. But trust me, many Nexgen client do very, very well. Many do not. The same is true in sports. A good bat helps, but ya gotta train yourself how to use it. I know some home run hitters that use the Nexgen bat. I know a lot that strike out too. But you can't blame the tool. It is a good tool.
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    fc - I do understand what you're saying and generally I would agree with your statements but they seem to change their methods periodically. Previously they supported Tradestation but now seem to have given up on that platform so that they can support a new type of bar on Ninjatrader called spectrum bars. These are basically smoothed tick bars and I've looked into these and its very difficult to make money from these.
    What timeframe/s or chart type do you use?
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    The proof is in the free trial. I don't owe you any proof. Any method that offers a free trial is giving the proof up front. People like you who do not look into things and then complain about them, get no respect from those of us who put in the work and do our own investigation. I took the trial and the truth was in the charts. If you are too lazy to do the same, I can't help you.
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    FIXED INCOME baby, you better recognize... once again, fixed income, always the safest way to earn money and avoid trading. 99.99% of the rooms and newsletters are worthless.
    I think there's a problem with people, how can anyone be so stupid to sign up for any room, dig webinars (=pre-sale), and finally pay for laughable indicators (like Steven Primos 3000$ indicator which is an MA cross:p).. FOOLISH PEOPLE DESERVE IT:rolleyes:
    Noone else can do the trading job for you.
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