Nexgen fraudsters

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    I am not a shill. I am a customer. I bought the software in October '09 and it is very good tool for trading. Anyone who hasn't taken the free trial that Nexgen offers has no business posting any comments. You cannot critisize what you don't understand. Regardless of the tool or system, trading is not easy; very few make it regardless of what system they use. We all know the statistics on that. It takes a lot of work. With this software, only those who put in that work are rewarded. Those who think it will be easy will find out different. Any professional trader who takes the free trial will surely see merrit in their product and their training. Try to keep an open mind. Take the trial, then post your comments. While you are in the chat room watching them follow the live market teaching how to read the indicators, you will see for yourself that it is a valid trading tool in the right hands.
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  2. A professional just that...professional.

    The trader will not be interested in alternative highly expensive offers without substantiated results...

    5 posts all related to and supporting Nexgen ...and I asked you provide an example as referred to your ealier postings...where is it?


    An honest person was barred from this site because he made a genuine attempt to alert traders to a charlatan...Schooloftrade..with unrefutable evidence.

    If Nex gen is as good as you say it is ...provide proof...otherwise you should be barred....unless you are up Barons arse
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  3. Some times people have to shake the tree to find the good apples.

    In this case, I have just been advised that Mirus Commodities are no longer associated with SchoolofTrade due to threads allowed on other sites other than ET, which provided irrefutable evidence that Joseph James , SchoolofTrade, is a fraud .

    In fact, I also know first hand, that Mirus provide a very good service and good commission rates.

    It is a pity some have to learn through the back door that not all vendors are what they appear to be....Nexgen next?

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    so if someone saw the thread and has something good to say about the vendor service, he/she must post on other unrelated threads to reach a certain message count, before he can post on this thread? and if he hasn't participated in discussions before, he/she is not allowed to say positive feedback just because he has zero posts?
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  5. No, but doesn't it strike you as odd that the individual speaks of the vendor in glowing terms ,but never provides any information to support their statement when challenged?

    From a lot of peoples' experiences on forums it generally means the contributor is a shill.

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    All you have to do is go to their websit ( and watch the vidoe 4 or 6 on the Educations link. The trade set ups are shown in broad daylight. Nothing is hidden. You see all the indicators, not like some softwares that just say buy here, sell there with no supporting indicators. You see everything in plain sight. JUST GO LOOK. Unless you are such a negative person that all you want to is have your anonimity and post negative blogs about things you know nothing about. I sent you a private message giving you my e-mail so you could contact me. I told you I would send you charts, but havn't heard from you. Do that or just go to the site; it is all there. That is, unless all you want to do is Bla, bla, are very good at that.
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  7. Not sure if the guy who started it is still there, but ask him about R&W Technical where he was a sales guy many years ago. I had hoped the system vendors would hav been beaten into submission long ago, but they still call me at least once a week with their b.s. stories. A guy called me last week and you can make 5 times your money trading their system. Why the heck would you waste your time with anyone else when they will auto trade ir for you and you don't even need to know what an index is. LOL Figure it out, learn to trade, or get a job doing what you all ready know!
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    at least the "shill" with 5 posts know the subject and contributed information, unlike you with 1381 posts who knows nothing about the firm/indicator but just want to show your authority over who can post or who can say good things about the vendor service.

    i have exchanged email with fc1486, and i'm asking certain things about Nexgen's indicator system. i am not buying the $16K price, but just wanted to know how MACD/BB and their fibonacci levels work. i am not going to buy anything, so hopefully that will save me some attacks.
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  9. Grow up
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  10. Before you pay for NexGen, give these two webinars a look and see if this style of manual fibonacci trading is suitable for you. It's priced reasonably without having to install any indicator. Just standard fibonacci tools on any charting platforms.
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