Nexgen fraudsters

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  1. Post it then
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  2. NexGen maybe scammers but they did bring us the Macd-BB. We've edited the the source code and have the ultimate indicator. It's magical even on M5.
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  3. And yes that Yenski showed beautiful Macd-BB divergence on lower t/fs.
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  4. maxpi


    yeah, I'd not look into an MACD BB personally, highly likely it's random or the divergance signals are not entirely random but infrequent...

    There is one good trade on that first chart, on the 7th about 10am... can anybody tell me what I'm seeing there.. there is a maxpi merit badge in it for the eagle eyed trader that can get it correctly...
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  5. hcova


    Obviouslly you can see good trading "singularities" in any indicator . So is MACD-BB a tool or trading method to earn money ? I have tried it for some years in many ways and it has the same pitfalls you can find in any other indicator. The goal is try to backtest any idea with some indicator and try to avoid fixing your vision in some screenshots that show the good trades only. This is the main reason some people lose their money. My advice is, try to analyze the system report of any indicator system you can get.
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  6. bstay


    does anyone who took the free 10-days trial received any UserGuide or Trade Rules that you can email to me? I have just turned down the trial offer as the sales person wanted 3hrs/day of my time for a week. i didn't realize the software was "worth" $14K as some mentioned in other thread. what is the 2010 pricing?
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  7. djmartin


    Don't waste your time with this shit. Trading comes down to support and resistance, thats it. Learn witch level matters and which ones don't. All the top traders that i talk to have a few simple tools and good money management. Thank me later I just saved you 16K and told you about the secret of trading haha!
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  8. bstay


    i see many people had paid several thousands $14.5K to $16K over the years for their software and they are still in business. just curious about their indicators and trade setups.

    support/resistance, easy for you to say. can you trade?
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  9. djmartin


    All I have to say, I trade for a living. Can you trade? I'm just trying to help you out. Go ahead and keep looking for the great indicator to make you profitable. I use no indicators. Have fun on your search.
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  10. Where is Trader Zones when we need him.....:confused:

    "Plenty of good trades every day right at the turn of the retrace...'

    Give us an example of this...if there are 'plenty' why be too concerned with patience?

    I smell SHILL...

    We will know it is a genuine product when Mirus Commodities recommends it in the education section of their site:D :D :D ...just as they do for the charlatan,phantom trader Schoolof Trade...where the principal is the DUNCE...

    Got caught red handed pretending to be a satisfied customer to his own site:D ....a fraud and a little desperate..
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