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  1. Has anyone out there had any experience with Nexa Technologies and using their API to create automated trading strategies? Would like any feedback, pos. or neg. and how are they to deal with? Thanks in advance.

  2. Haven't used their api but I spoke with them on the phone. They quoted me somehwere between $3000 and $12,000/month for their feed. Do they have some retail product now?
  3. That's good and steep! What feed are you referring to?
    I am trying to find out about writing to their API. I have been playing with a demo of the Omni Pro software but I want to know about having them support a black box app. . The website says they support this stuff but I want to hear from anyone who has actually seen the API or is using them.
  4. Tickstream is what I talked to them about. They were far too pricy for me. I'm going to be hosting with redsky or genesis.. they provide the same thing but at a much more reasonable price.

  5. Any reasoning for the price? It seems expensive as you say. Was this for them to host a box onsite?
  6. This was for hosting I believe.. even stripping out a few symbols they wanted a few K.

  7. That's all I found on their website. Rather meager info.

    FastPath API
    The comprehensive FastPath API is easy to use. It allows for multiple connections, order placement and cancellation, order status, position, account management, balances and more. Specialized messages allow models to instantly switch routing or change strategies in response to market factors such as latency at the exchange or indications of fast moving markets. The API is Fix 4.2 compliant and available on request.

    TickStream API
    The TickStream API can be used to retrieve live market data including depth of book. Clients can request historical data from yearly intervals on tick-by-tick data for all US equities, options and futures exchanges. Market data is available through a multi-cast ASCII feed or a publish-and-subscribe process so clients can achieve optimal performance for their trading strategies.
  8. what is their web site?
  9. Ya that's why I'm asking for some feedback. Would like to get some info before I start the whole long process after which I'll still want some opinion feedback anyways.

    Thanks for your input Steve. By the way, how recently did you get that quote from Nexa?
  10. This was about 2 months ago. If you find out anything interesting let me know. I believ their office is only a few miles from me...


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