Newt's Oops moment.

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    Oops indeed. Seems someone needs to fess up. And who would that be? Why, the candidate who feels that the country is moving away from morality and Christian values. As for Gingrich denying knowledge, I think Stewart and Colbert punched enough holes into the SuperPac no-coordinating rules in their last few shows, with the help of their legal counsel. Gingrich did Romney a favor.
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    The worst part was when the guy who supposedly lost his job and insurance, and almost lost his marriage, claimed that he actually got two raises and a promotion under Bain.
  4. Dirty politics at it's worst. And, as mentioned, in this age of instant information and fact checking, just dumb. Who cares if it's within the same party, still dumb. Maybe especially dumb.

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    Everyone knows a guy like Newt. Really smart, and comes up with brilliant ideas. But then he feels like he is so much smarter than everyone else that he gets into debates over trivial issues. He might even agree with you, but he is more intent on showing how smart he is. So he goes about twisting the situation and the context of your statements to support his position. For a minute he might even make such a strong argument that you wonder whether he is correct.

    In the end, you come to your senses and realize that he has manipulated the entire conversation and you just drop it. He goes away thinking that he has won, and you go away with a firm conviction that you'll never trust him again.

    Ironically, while his verbal skills build his credibility in his own mind, it is actually destroyed to everyone else.
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    OOOOPS - Interview with Newt’s ex-wife ‘could end Gingrich’s career’

    Thursday, January 19, 2012

    A bombshell interview with Newt Gingrich’s ex-wife set to air tonight could catapult Ron Paul into a shock second placed finish in South Carolina and confirm the Congressman as Mitt Romney’s main rival.

    The interview with Marianne Gingrich, Newt’s wife of 18 years, “could end her ex-husband’s career,” according to a Drudge Report exclusive.

    Despite a “civil war” erupting within ABC News over whether or not to air the interview before Saturday’s primary, the broadcast will go out tonight on Nightline, less than 48 hours before SC voters head to the polls.

    Gingrich is set to hold a press conference today during which he will try to engage in damage control.

    With current polls showing Gingrich in second place behind Romney, with Ron Paul and Rick Santorum virtually tied in third, any collapse in Gingrich’s support on the back of the interview would directly benefit the candidates immediately behind him in the polls.

    If Ron Paul beats Santorum to second in South Carolina, and the scandal torpedoes Gingrich’s wider presidential campaign, it would virtually guarantee a Romney-Paul head to head for the rest of the primary contest.

    The interview with Marianne Gingrich is said to contain “explosive revelations”. Newt proposed to her before the divorce of his first wife had been finalized, and when he and Marianne divorced in 2000, Gingrich had already taken up with Callista Bisek, his third wife.

    “The interview, should it air before Saturday’s primary, would shine a spotlight on a part of Gingrich’s past that could turn off Republican voters in a state filled with religious and cultural conservatives who may cringe at Gingrich’s two divorces and acknowledged infidelity,” reports ABC News.

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    We'll see if the infidelity stuff sticks much. Most voters over 35 already know about his personal history. The part about him actually requesting an open marriage is news to most, but I sort of think that if what we already know hasn't hurt him, then this won't either. Maybe with the young voters who don't know him yet.

    Of course, my wife was appalled when I informed her that he cheated on his first two wives and even proposed to each mistress before divorcing the current wife. Then when she saw the report from Manning that states, "We had oral sex. He prefers that modus operandi because then he can say, 'I never slept with her.", my wife said she was disgusted and would never vote for him.

    I think that might be a common reaction for women.
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    I know that the candidates are purposely trying to avoid personal attacks because they are on the same team, but it is ironic to me that Newt is the one pandering to the "conservative christian values" crowd, when the contrast between him and Romney couldn't be any more drastic and detrimental to his cause.

    Newt cheated on and divorced wife #1 while she had cancer. While there are conflicting stories about how the whole hospital incident went down, with he and his daughter both claiming that his wife initiated it, the legal documents in fact list him as initiating the divorce. The facts seem to lean more toward the wife's story.

    Newt then cheated on and divorced wife #2 shortly after she was diagnosed with MS. And now it looks like he was intent on maintaining the appearance of faithful marriage by receiving his wife's permission to have affairs.

    Romney's been married to his wife for 42 years. She has also suffered through both breast cancer and MS, which he describes as the hardest times of his life. The stories are of them holding each other while the diagnoses were delivered.
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