Newt supporters getting desparate...

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Epic, Feb 3, 2012.

  1. Epic


    to show that Newt is still in this.

    Nevada and Maine start their caucuses tomorrow, and we've gotten just two recent GOP polls for Nevada and none for Maine.

    Colorado, Minnesota, and Missouri are in three days, and we've got nothing for CO or MN and only one poll in the past few months for MO.

    Arizona and Michigan are next and again only one poll each.....

    Then randomly out of nowhere a poll for Georgia (which is more than a month away) pops up, showing Newt with a 13 point lead, and of course and accompanying article with headlines declaring Newt the front-runner. Nevermind that it is his home state.

    Makes me wonder how many of the polling organizations are really independent.
  2. Brass


    I'm still wondering why he didn't give a victory speech for Iowa and New Hampshire, like he did for Florida.
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    Is that the hot topic in your Canadian coffee shops?
  4. Keep going Newt, makes the GOP race fun to watch.

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