Newt Plays "Hardball"

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    "A food stamp president is a guy whose policies are so destructive, that he creates the longest unemployment since the Great Depression and he puts more people on food stamps, most of them white, than anybody else. Why do you assume food stamp refers to black? What kind of racist thinking do you have? Wait a second! Why aren’t you being a racist because you assume it refers to black?"
  2. that would be george bush. george bush created the recession. you might be able to claim obama didnt do enough to end it but he did not create it.
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    It's painful to have to agree with FT, but...
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    I was waiting for Newt to reach across that desk and knock that stupid asshole Mathews right out of the booth. :mad:
  5. The election of Obama was a watershed event for Matthews. Whatever tiny shred of unbiased commentary he had been clinging to evaporated completely. I do believe the man would pimp out his wife for Obama votes. He's really become difficult to watch.
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    I'm still disappointed that Newt squandered his chance to lead the country with his remarks about jailing judges and moon bases. I really think he would have been a positive influence on America and that he understands economics enough to create a pro-business climate in Washington.

    I think we are heading for another great depression regardless of the Obama sycophants claiming otherwise:
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    If Romney makes him secretary of state Newt might make a big impact on foreign policy. :D
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    I used to enjoy watching Hardball. Didn't watch for several years then tuned back in and was disturbed by the program. Matthews is like a liberal Shawn Hannity now.
  9. He got owned by Matthews. Newt wouldn't stand a chance in a debate with Obama.
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    Are we talking about the same video?
    Are you drunk or just bat shit crazy?
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