Newt Gingrich: Hillary Clinton will dominate Republicans in 2016

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    Newt Gingrich: Hillary Clinton will dominate Republicans in 2016

    No one is certain that Hillary Rodham Clinton will run for President in 2016. But the Clintons's one-time nemesis Newt Gingrich has gone on record stating to NBC's Meet the Press that should the former First Lady, New York Senator, and Secretary of State make a bid for the White House she will dominate any Republican.

    Gingrich, who led the charge both against Hillary's health care bill in 1993 and for the impeachment of Bill Clinton later that decade, spoke highly of Hillary Clinton's qualifications and political advantages:

    "The Republican party is incapable of competing at that level. First of all, she's very formidable as a person. She's a very competent person. She's married to the most popular Democrat in the country; they both think it would be good for her to be president. It makes it virtually impossible to stop her for the nomination."

    Gingrich added that he still believe President Obama remains a mediocre President on the merits, but he was forced to admit that Obama remains a "relatively popular president."

    Tying Obama's popularity to that of the Clintons, Gingrich intimated that he was fearful that with Obama's backing, a Republican attempting to derail Hillary Clinton would be tantamount to "trying to win what will be truly the Super Bowl."

    Gingrich's breathless flogging of Hillary's potential candidacy, which predictably infuriated conservative right-wing bloggers, comes on the heels of a recent Washington Post poll which found that nearly sixty percent of Americans indicating that they would support Hillary in 2016 if she decides to throw her hat in the ring.

    Those eye-popping numbers point to a potential landslide victory for Hillary Clinton, one that could devastate Republicans nationwide as Hillary has the potential to carry down-ballot Democrats in congressional, state, and local races to victory as well on the coattails of her ever-increasing popularity.

    Having added Secretary of State to her long political portfolio and with no rival with Barack Obama's charisma on the horizon to stop her, Hillary is now more respected than ever and better positioned to win than she was in 2008. She has been touted as perhaps the most qualified and prepared potential Presidential candidate in modern US history.

    After being nearly decimated in the 2012 elections, saved only in the House by favoring redistricting in 2010, a Hillary run for the White House in 2016 is looking very scary indeed for what Hillary herself once famously termed "the vast right-wing conspiracy."
  2. Lucrum


    1) Who gives a fuck? That's 4 years away.
    2) You hate Newt, but you're pissing your panties with excitement over his prognostication?
    3) Did I ask who gives a fuck?
  3. I know it hurts to know A Democrat will be in the White House the next 12 years Luke :)
  4. hughb


    She'll be 69 years old in 2016, I wonder if she's really considering it.

    Merkel's 58.
  5. Lucrum


    It hurts the country far more than me personally.
    When is your next Katy Perry concert? LOL
  6. Lucrum


    69? She's looks older than that now. WTF is she going to look like in 4 years?

  7. Judging from the parade of clowns the republicans put up in this last election, Hillary would be by far the best choice.
    Now if the reps can discard the tea party baggage an run a Christie then they have a fighting chance. We'll know more after seeing how the elections go in two years. If the reps lose seats then they'll probably smarten up, if not then Hello Hillary.
  8. True.

    If she thought she would have a tough primary or general election fight I doubt she would run .She has got to be tired but knowing that she will easily win The White House might make her run.I am concerned about a tired 70 year old President and would prefer Cuomo or Patrick but if she runs I know they have no chance to beat her .They know it as well which is why they're keeping a low profile until she makes up her mind
  9. jem


    she has to be better for the economy... than what did newt say...the food stamp president.
  10. As hung up as Americans are about youth, weight and looks...ain't no way an old fat broad gets elected, so unless she finds some secret fountain of youth, it's not gonna' happen. Bro O screwed up her chance in 08, sad to say. We'd be in better shape if she had won, but the radical left wanted a commie.
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