Newsweek up for sale

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  1. Washington Post Co. Seeking to Unload Money-losing Newsweek

    Andrew Vanacore of the Associated Press has the story:

    Perhaps this explains the problem:

  2. Sarah Palin Outlasts Jon Meacham’s Pretentious Back Side
    Posted by Erick Erickson
    Wednesday, May 5th at 11:53AM EDT

    Jon Meacham, the overly pretentious editor of Newsweek, has finally succeeded. He has driven Newsweek into the ground.

    Meacham and the rest of the Newsweek gang decided to turn Newsweek into leftwing political pornography in order to get access to Barack Obama. Increasingly, their audience has shrunk to a few blocks on the Upper West Side, various newsrooms, Democrat offices in Washington, and some college libraries.

    The rest of the world jumped to Time, which still at least pretends to be unbiased, or got off the weekly circuit altogether.

    Only recently Newsweek suffered the indignity of having to move office space.

    Apparently, literary intimate acts with the Obama White House while also attacking Sarah Palin just cannot sustain traffic in the already over saturated marketplace of leftwing propaganda and Meacham has never been willing to go as far as Larry Flynt except when it comes to bashing Christians.

    Well done, Jon. But don’t worry. I’m sure you can furrow your brow and cash in on your “enlightened Southern Episcopalian” card to keep up appearances and rube bashing.
  3. I was under the impression that they already sold out to special liberal interests and that is why they are ass poor upside down.

    Barry liberal press.