"Newspeak"and talk radio

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  1. A very popular radio talk show host just took a call from a woman from a wealthy suburb in Detroit.

    She alleges that the current president wants to do to America what has been done in Detroit.

    Apparently, half of Detroit cannot read, according to stats.

    Sadly, this radio host does not realize that the people are not all idiots and that "newspeak" can be deciphered.

    Consider this hypothetical sentence.

    Residents in Simi Valley, a wealthy suburb, has had to hire protection against crime. They are concerned that residents in South Central ,an inner city ghetto, are out to get them.

    Or another.....

    Residents from Manhattan are advised not to travel through the hills of East Tennessee at night without a reliable vehicle.

    Or how about this.....

    Lawmakers in San Diego are perplexed at the number of undocumented workers in the city.

    I think people would take conservatives more seriously if they would drop all the euphamisms and talk frankly about white cash, niggers, spics, and white trash.
  2. Question is, why were YOU listening to Rush L?
  3. First, state all the statements and comments from the talk radio host. Merely picking out a comment the host makes with no real specific details of context makes me think that you want to mislead the audience into accepting your own opinion.

    If you want any credibility in this thread than copy and paste the entire dialogue Rush had.

    Than after I and others can understand the context of the dialogue we can than either agree or disagree with you.

    Saying some people aren't stupid enough to believe Rush after stating one comment he made is the dumbest and least persuasive way to seriously devalue the opinions of Rush unless the comment he made was so over the top the context isn't needed.