Newspaper subscription worth getting? (Barron's, IBD, etc.)

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  1. What's your opinion on Barron's and IBD these days? I haven't read them for years and wondering if they are worth subscribing to. Thanks!
  2. Basically useless, for trading purposes. -- A bunch of hindsight, obvious market wisdom....but that's simply the nature of all market reporting. And those who do make live calls have average, lackluster performance at best.

    You truly have no one to depend on for market success, but yourself....think of everyone out there as lost, dumb sheep. Because if you cut to the chase...that's what they all are.
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    Respectfully disagree. Barron's isn't as good as 5- 10 years ago, but well worth the few bucks you pay. And I love IBD, especially its pro-freemarket editorials.