Newspaper Publishes Gun Owners' Names and Addresses

Discussion in 'Politics' started by OnClose, Dec 24, 2012.

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  2. It got them publicity?
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    Just remember, the "team" you're rooting for is the one responsible for it.
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    It would be interesting to see if any of the individuals listed were local politicians...especially left wing pro control advocates. That would be amusing. I wonder if such names would be scrubbed before publication.
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  6. simple solution

  7. <a href=" neighbor+doesn't+have+a+gun+sign"><img src=""><br>my neighbor+doesn't+have+a+gun+sign pics on Sodahead</a>
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    New York burglars know which houses to avoid and which are safe to burglarize now.
  9. I suppose the point of it was to make the gun owners uncomnfortable, fearing that criminals might target their homes to steal guns.

    The episode points up one reason gun registration is a terrible idea. Who wants a handy list of all gun owners, ready for some extremist politican like Bloomberg to use? Or for some irresponsible newspaper to publish?

    Gun registration is the first step to confiscation. What other point does it serve?
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