Newsflash- Obama loses 62% of vote

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Mercor, Jan 4, 2008.

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    typical (white)spilt-vote. 62% of dems vote for someone else.
    Obama will not win a general election with this support.
  2. If Obama wasn't black he'd be a shoe in for President

    Voters are just standing by to see if other white voters will actually elect him

    Iowa just said yes,If Obama wins the next 2 say hello to your next President
  3. Are you kidding? Being black is the only reason he's received such attention. I would like a president with a little more qualifications than that.
  4. I didn't say that was his qualifications,being black does not get you that far,just ask Sharpton,Jackson and Keyes

    People love him,its just that little question in thier minds if Amercia will elect a black President ,if he wins N H, that question will be answered
  5. Here's a qualification. He's probably the most intelligent and articulate candidate left in the race.

    I'm not an Obama partisan by any means, he's got his flaws, inexperience, naivete, perhaps a lack of toughness, drug use, and of course lots of people disagree with his policy views. But if you actually read & listen to all the candidates on both sides of the aisle, who's more intelligent, thoughtful, and articulate than Obama?

    I wish people paid more attention to things like that than the fact that he's black (and even that is debatable).

  6. True.

    Obama`s father is black and his Mother white. How does this translate to him being black? Why not call him white?

    I have seen fellow Greeks darker than him and with curly hair..they dont get called black...
  7. It's not as much about his race, per se, but about his ability to use the media to his advantage. The Illinois State "Senator" has spent more time on the road selling his book than he has leading the state. While I do believe that he is articulate and one of the best speakers running, his inexperience really weighs him down.
  8. Being able to give a speech with passion is a skill, but not a qualification allowing one to run the country. What does he know about business? Trade? Taxes? Foreign diplomacy?
    Don't confuse ambition and ego with substance.
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    cheney and rumsfeld were quite experienced ...
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    sir, did you ever hear your current president try to say
    something to any of the subjects you mentioned? sir?
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