Newsflash---livermore Claims Bankruptcy A Fourth Time

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  1. I'm a huge livermore fan. Some people question his money management proficiency. I think he's the greatest trader to ever walk the face of this planet...
  2. Sh*t..... get someone to keep bankrollin' me every time I go bust trying to make Millions and I will be known as the greatest trader who ever lived.. as well

    WTF is so great about this guy??

    Made millions by getting lucky on some great runs of doubling down..... went bust over and over when his luck ran out. Yet he got people to bankroll him over and over again.....

    I can get a monkey and throw darts to do just as well if I have an unlimited bankroll.....
  3. first you need the reputation.

    then, you can be the monkey.


  4. i know very little about him, outside of smitten's book. he is one interesting character to say the least!

  5. And we know he wasn't born with that reputation...
  6. Pekelo


    I wonder when they gonna finally make a movie of his life? There were enough actions in it for a series...

  7. exactly !

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