Newsflash: Euro SOARS vs Dollar. (Really? 0.2% is soaring?)

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    Only takes nearly a trillion dollar bailout to move it 1/4 of a penny. How they can say .2% is soaring is bewildering.

    Its like a news headling saying the Dow soars when it moves up 20 points. There is no soaring...feet didnt even leave the ground. A 600 pound man that does 1 jumping jack soars higher that the euro. Someone get rid of the cheerleaders, this aint high school football. :mad:

  2. Yes, I just commented on the Dow plummets to triple digit losses (which in percentage terms was about 1%) headlines the other day. One has to wonder if the journalists are intentionally deceptive or simply incompetent in their choice of colorful descriptions.
  3. Its annoying that they use it nearly never day too. Maybe I should add the word soar & plummet to my everyday routine.

    "Today I walked to the store. I crossed the street and SOARED onto the sidewalk. When I came back, I plummeted off the sidewalk."

    "When I got in my car, I clicked my garage door opener and the garage door soared! I backed my car out and clicked my garage door opener again and the door plummeted back to the ground."
  4. freakin joke. somebody forgot to tell the ass raping monkeys that the whole reason for stocks being up in pre mkt was the euro and when that fell flat on its face the ass raping hypsters kep running stks. this bitch is toast
  5. afto


    The headline was valid initially. It's just
    a case of journalistic lazyness - probably the
    sub-editor (the one that comes up
    with catchy headlines) took off to watch
    the ball game. Anyway, Soars sells better than

  6. I have been watching the euro lately. I had a bunch of money in euros and got out at 1.38 and we hit 1.25 the other day. They were saying the euro is soaring and I went and checked and it was down a bit trading at 1.28. I thought soaring meant going up in some capacity.

  7. I hate the AP/Bloomberg overuse of the word "paring" with reference to gains or losses. Paring, by definition, is the act of removing material from a fruit. How do you pare losses? How about you find a new word to beat to death, you trilobite?