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    keep an eye on this site, Id bet that over the next year or so it becomes a big one.
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    Democrats are all marketing...

    Democrats have done an incredible job of magic tricks.. they are keeping blacks out of the private sector jobs that would free them from dependency and probably turn them into Republicans. Jessee Jack'emup sues the private sector employers so it's not worth the risk to hire a black... I worked in the private sector all my life and saw very few blacks working even though we had large black populations nearby... they are on welfare or government payrolls and they love to dish out shit to whites because the Democrats have given them that right, that legal superiority...

    Blacks that have given up looking for work [are on welfare] don't count in the unemployment statistics.. so it doesn't sound too bad if whites have 10% unemployment and blacks have 15%, it sounds like there is still work to be done by the Democrats but that the work done to date has been pretty good... the reality being that blacks employed in acutal good private sector jobs are a tiny percent of the black population...

    It's all lies and sleight of hand from these folks.. This is what trading is about to me, a way to get the f%^k out of this shithole USA with it's processed food, rampant ignorance and third world politicians...
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    I made a very similar point, and the results is that I've gotten actively involved with a campaign in Florida for a seat in the house. I actually started out in the campaign staff side of things, but it turned out I'm terrible at it, but the stuff I do with IM, in particular with product launches, applies very well to fund raising events - and so I've been doing that more and more, and in fact might be moving to Tallahssee to focus more on this, though it's a long shot.

  4. that is funny. republicans cant even keep republicans republicans. people are leaving the party of no in mass.