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  1. Dollar just tanked, anything?
  2. pspr


    Bill auction at 1PM
  3. gazza1


    BOJ said will end intervention
  4. How does that affect the dollar?
  5. If foreigner's are unwilling to buy more treasuries, then could be seen as weakening dollar demand (due to intervention etc).
  6. pspr


    BOJ said they may stop supporting the dollar.
  7. March is the end of the fiscal year for Japan.

    BOJ suggesting that they will curtail their "intervention" on the Yen heading into the end of March.
  8. Whew -- that was fun!
  9. What do forex traders use to get up to the second news.. besides somthing like bloomberg.

    Is there anything reliable thats not too expensive or even free?

  10. he has the ultimate "Crystal Ball" thus there is no need for "news".

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