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  1. I want to learn how to trade news; learn how to get the information first. I want to start betting on sure things. Can someone help me?
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    yea. find a different strategy. you want to fade news for the most part. there is so much technology parcing news and data mining. not worth it
  3. Well then I want to learn how to bet on for sure things.
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    if anything was "for sure", everyone would be doing it. when you find it, please let me know. good luck to you. have a great day
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    Newsedge is a news accumulator. You can read everything, or filter for stock symbols, code words like "rumor', etc. The platform is not cheap, but worth it. Send me your contact information and I'll send you my contact there. Assume it will cost $250-$350/month. I believe they offer a free trial month. I used it for many years when I was still trading and recommend it to all my clients.

  6. You guys aren't getting it. I want to become SMARTER. I want to be able to short the market because I know subprime mortgages are toxic. Buy in the face of a ceo resignation when I know there will be a deal within a month or so. I basically want to learn how to predict very well. Anyone want to help?
  7. read everything u can
  8. This is not true. Half of the people in this market (not half the money though) don't even care about making or losing money.
  9. lol i'm working on it. I can usually get through a 300 page book every 3ish days. I just sit in my college library and take notes.
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    Now I get it. You need insider information:D
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