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Discussion in 'Forex' started by frogy, May 31, 2005.

  1. frogy


    Anyone have any recommendations for FX broker/dealers for trading reports.

    I have tried several:

    FXCM and Refco (same company) seem to hunt for stops.

    GFT is way slow: last number it took 13 minutes to get a report on my fill.

    CMS: slow

  2. frogy


    And Oanda widens the spread and has lots of slippage.
  3. Futures.
  4. gkadir


    Hi Frogy,

    I have a friend who trades news and he captures good points. Pls PM further if you would like to know more specifics.

  5. Dogo


    Hi Frogy,

    I use GTF-DealBook, and they use the Informa Global Markets news services, it is most faster for to access to the news.

    In thes past month I used this free Trial services, only for 30 day.

    If you want to test this services use this direcction:

    Later register for a trial.

    Regard, Dogo
  6. if you want fast, don't use one of those marketmakers. futures, or ecn's (currenex) instead
  7. Through figures like trades, NFP and retail sales what is the spread like on futures?
  8. frogy


    In futures right before the figure everyone pulls their bids and offers so the spread could be 1 tick or 20. The depth of market gets very chaotic: unreadable to me.
  9. Hayek


    I think most futures traders placing order right after nfp not right before it.