News timestamps for MU and BOL tonight?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by alanm, Apr 10, 2006.

  1. alanm


    Can someone comment on whether they see significantly earlier times in their newsfeeds (and where it was) for these stocks tonight?

    MU @ 17:12:17 ET (first DJ headline) - Started running at 17:09:24. Someone got a head start (and did the wrong thing with it, as it turns out)?

    BOL @ 16:40:36 ET (first DJ headline) - Halt wasn't effective until 16:56:48. Can someone who traded in between those times confirm that the trades stood?
  2. jd7419


    i was filled for 500 bol @ 52.25 @ 16:56:10. I dont know whether the trade will stand so i am not executing a sell till i know for sure. Will call broker tomorrow and find out. I cant do anything now anyway because its halted. Hoping i dont take a major loss.
  3. alanm


    And again this morning for ROH:

    07:55:08 official PR on PRN, repeated on DJ at 55:09 - Bidder for size showed up at +3% at 07:49:07.

    Can someone confirm these timestamps on Reuters, Bloomberg, etc.?