News Story - Day Traders React to Market Volatility

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  1. What quality writing.

    "MILMAN: Goldman about to make a new low. Yeah. And Dow is about to make a new low, and I’m selling my goldie. I’m out. Yuck. Yuck Yuck."

    "Yuck. Yuck Yuck" !!!

    LMAO :D
  2. He probably used another word that end in "_uck", but the writer was nice enough to convert it to "Yuck".
  3. sold at the exact bottom. probably hated the reporter for distracting him.
  4. "Sykes only trades stocks that are less than $10 a share. The 27 year old is worth $750,000. He managed his own hedge fund until last year, when he suffered a 35 percent loss"

    he must be worth more than that. with all the publicity and his book, where did the money go?

  5. He doesn't need to trade.

    His website ( selling books and tapes ) generates more revenue than this one.
  6. Mecro



    The book made him nothing. It did not sell well at all and I think he took a weak advance on it. His website is doubtful to be even be profitable considering how many pumpers & shills he has to employ.

    He spent A LOT of cash to promote himself and make the jump to snakeoil salesman when his joke of a fund flopped.

    He is competing against other snakeoil salesmen while the pool of suckers with any money is shrinking fast. He will be broke within a couple of years. The rate at which his already questionable net worth is dropping only confirms that. The big problem is, he burned his bridges and has little if any employable skill. In an easy credit market he could have gotten a good employment contract which would leverage his F-list celebrity status but those days are over.
  7. bontrjd


    I think he turned down a $30,000 advance to self-publish his book. Would have made more taking the $30,000 and having professional people market him.