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  1. Hey guys,

    just wondering what news sources ppl recommend for instant news throughout the trading day for ppl who can be glued to there computers


  2. timcar


    How about "Trade the news." Constant headlines all trading day.
  3. It depends what I'm trading but over all I like Knobias RAiDAR with filtering.
  4. It totally depends on your budget. Here are a few you can check out...

    Nothing beats a Bloomberg terminal. It costs $1800 per month.

    Reuters has a good news service. It goes for around $450 per month.

    Newsware and Newstrade are good, but they won't get you some of the BIG stories until they're already out on Bloomie or Reuters. Each one of them cost around $225-$350 per month depending on how many different news outlets you want entitlements to (Dow Jones, PR newswire, Fly on the Wall, etc).

    Briefing is the cheapest because they rerun the story a few seconds after it already hit the other newswires. Briefing Trader is an exception, they will sometimes break a story and they offer trade setups and other services (that costs $300 per month or $3000 for the year).

    As for audio news services...Trade The News, Newstrike, Need to Know News, etc. are all pretty much the same (except Newsstrike is free and the other two cost a hundred or so per month).

    Good luck.
  5. Btruck


    Anyone use Comtex's "Smartrend"?