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Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by cashonly, Oct 24, 2003.

  1. cashonly

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    Does anyone know of a news service with an RSS feed. Yahoo has one, but I was looking for something a little better like, but they don't seem to have one.


  2. corvus


    A couple via MyRSS:

    CBS Marketwatch:

    And others:

    BBC Business:
    NY Times:

    None of these are particularly speedy and most are syndicated. I was hoping FT would have one but no beans. Anyone else find some interesting RSS feeds?
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    cashonly Bright Trading, LLC


    Thanks Corvus... I looked at marketwatch and hadn't found their feed. Do you know if it's for everything on marketwatch, or can you get a feed for just one area such as "Top Stories", "Market Puls", etc.?

  4. corvus


    Alot of these are through MyRSS a syndicating service. They have a bot that goes through and extracts the stories. You can add feeds to MyRSS by pointing the bot at pages, so you can probably add it yourself I think...

    and also (no bot, just feeds)

    I'm looking forward to the day when alot of people distribute their content this way, it's so much easier to integrate into applications, your desktop, etc.
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  6. cashonly

    cashonly Bright Trading, LLC

  7. corvus


    One minute refresh is probably pretty rare for a non-pay service. RSS is pretty intensive for a server, hence all these syndication sites. But check the xml that is returned by the link, and inside that XML you'll see the refresh time.

    Here are some more found on the Quotetracker website:

    CNN Money: News in Brief -
    CNN Money: Companies -
    CNN Money: Mutual Funds -
    Commentwire -
    Forbes -
    The Motley Fool -
    IHT Money Report -
    Kipplinger Online -
    Merrill Lynch today -
    PR Web Finance -
    S&P Equity -
    S&P Indices -
    Sharecast (UK) -
    Smartmoney -
    Stockhouse US -
    Business week Investing -
    Advice for Investors -
    PR Web Investment -
    The WallStreet transcript -
    The WallStreet tranmscript Daily Notes -
    USA Today money -
    WSJ:US -
    AP Business -
    Forbes: Breaking News -
    Business Week Daily Briefing -
    Financial Times Markets -
    Bloomberg Market News -
    CNN Money Markets and Stocks -
    Fiancial times Business US -
    LA Times Business -
    The Washington Times Business -

    Top Finance Stories - finance stories
    Forex market News - markets news
    Mergers and Acquisitions news - and acquisitions news
    Fedwatch - watch
    Stockwatch -
    Corporate Finance News - finance news
    Equity Markets News - markets news
    Tech Stocks News - stocks news
    top Business stories - business stories

    USA Today:Money -
    the -
    Bloomburg market News -
    Financial Times:Markets -
    BBC News Business -
    new york times:business -
    yahoo news business -
    Moreover IPO News - news
    Moreover Fedwatch - watch
    moreover Mergers and Aquisitions - and acquisitions news
  8. DT1


    I want to get using a RSS feed all news for us stocks on a trading day.

    Can somebody recommand a way to set up an RSS feed to get all yahoo's news on stocks?

    Sould I set up one yahoo feed for the 5000 stocks of US market?
  9. just21


    To get a 1 minute refresh use You can set this up so that when news comes in a beep goes off and a box appears in the bottom right corner, alternatively a ticker can scrolll across the screen. Bloomberg have stopped their RSS feeds from their website.
  10. DT1


    What I would like is a rss feed giving news for all US stocks like the news one can find on Yahoo.

    All I need is the news for the trading day.

    How can this be set tp?
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