News source explaining intraday market moves

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  1. Can anyone suggest a good & free news or commentary source attempting to either explain intraday price movements of the market, or at least providing relevant news that may impact the markets.

  2. Good luck... I'm not sure anyone out there can accurately explain these whipsaw moves recently. For a free source I like MarketWatch. You could also try subscribing to a real-time news feed but it is not likely to help you much except in hindsight as there is so much news at any one time it is hard to catch everything. I've long since tried to stop explaining/rationalizing the moves and just watch the charts. Trying to explain the market action these days would better be modeled by the behavior of wild animal herds more than any other factor.
  3. I have a real-time news feed with Thinkorswim and b/c of what you said I find it almost useless. I need something which highlights the main points--even if the 1% or 2% moves in each direction are just traders making that happen.
  4. ESPN? Fox News? Weather Channel? Expedia? Ignore him...
  5. trade the news is one paid service.
  6. a little end of the trading day fun :p all is cool...hey brocklanders, how is the trading going?
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