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  1. Was wondering if someone could recommend a good site with news affecting the grain markets. Thanks
  2. Agweb is interesting but it generally has a bullish sentiment. It is aimed at farmer/producers after all.
  3. Imba


    Kinda same topic.. can any1 share an idea, is this possvle to watch CNBC channel somewere in the web? And if so, any links?

    At least i didnt get the point, if its possble to watch it from their official web-site :-(
  4. Thanks, that is the type of thing I was looking for.
  5. is good, worth the subscription definitely. is a good free one
  6. cant beat DTN for ag news and weather in my opinion...pricey though...
  7. agreed just write it off though
  8. Another one I just thought of if you just need weather....CropCast
  9. MF Global has some excellent research & commentary, as does RCG. RCG provides Hightower & Informa, and MF Global provides text commentary, as well as audio commentary from the floor up to 5 or 6 times/day most days.
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