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  1. I trade index futures. Looking for a good news service that the pros use. Instant news the second it hits the wire.

    I use fly on the wall but feel it is insufficient. Any recommendations are appreciated.

    ES just dropped 7 points in past few minutes and I have no clue why. Something must have hit the wire.
  2. No news on my side.
  3. Thanks. I don't have any positions so I don't really care but want to be independent so I don't ever have to guess!!

    What news service do you use.
  4. [Live In Play]


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  5. Can anyone recommend a good fast news service at a reasonable price?
    30 bucks a month. Pros: pricing, contents Cons: not always the speediest; it's not really for tracking stocks real time. Between it, Bloomberg TV and the squawk box service for which I pay around 125 bucks a month (my squawk has its own news service for 75 bucks a month, which I haven't tried), I got no complaints. PS their briefingtrader is a whopping 350 bucks a month (250 apparently is you choose annual subscription).

    IB Reuters Bridgechannel
    100 bucks a month. Pros: fast, reliable and can perform market analysis as well as getting news feeds. Cons: a bit on the pricier side if you want to use it just for the news, but if you don't use squawk, it's worth it; only for IB customers.

    #financialchat on mIRC offers a financial news channel (which collects market news items from major internet sources) for free. Was fast and reliable last year when I was using it. Not sure how it is now. by hold brothers. Apparently for free but have never used it.
  7. Thanks. I don't really trade the news but am looking for something that gets the buzz and feel for the market like fly on the wall but geared towards the general markets as opposed to stocks. Also something relatively fast in case some major news has effected the market.

    You know how on CNBC they say that sub prime worries are causing the market to fall or that markets are up because traders are talking about global liquidity or 10 year rates or whatever other bs they use as excuses for moving the markets. I want to hear these same things too so I can play.

    These are constant market issues yet they claim traders are talking about them and that is why the market is moving in that direction on that day.
  8. briefing platimum provides live headlines (updates automatically without refresh; the page has multi sections such as In Play, Headlines, Earnings & Economic news and each section can be set with a visual or a sound alert, or both) as well as stock market update which discusses what's being talked about, strong/weak sectors etc (that page has to be refreshed to be updated). If you want decent market analysis sections to get the feel of the market as well as live headlines, this is it for a reasonable price.

    PS drop CNBC and go Bloomberg. You'll not be annoyed by their incessant inanity again.
  9. Great. I'm going to give it a try. Thanks... and thanks for not posting use the search button!!
  10. Just as a public announcement, I was referred to by another ET member of the fact that IB is no longer offering Reuters Bridgechannel.
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