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  1. The purpose of this post is to initiate a poll amongst traders as to his/her preferred News service for stocks. In other words, "what is your favorite News service, why, and what is your cost?" Any other characteristics could be of value. For example, "Trade the News" is a service that allows you to create a Live Portfolio Watch Window which provides an alert as soon as a headline hits the wires on a stock in your portfolio. One interesting note, is that only the headlines which are deemed "news worthy" filter through. I noticed today that a downgrade on brokerage stocks by Punk, Ziegel & Co., didn't make it into the system for "Trade the News", but Briefing.Com's Platinum service sent out alerts. Therefore, "news worthy" is a subjective term. Has anyone tested "Trigger News"? For those who don't need real time news, but could use portfolio alerts, MarketWatch Alerts are free, are sent by email and are pulled from approx. a dozen press providers.

    Not everyone has access to a Bloomberg machine, so which service are you using, why and what is the cost?
  2. Trade the News is the worst service ever. Their "news readers" are completely incompetent.
  3. ENZO


    I called there 3 X during the free trial and some idiot females answer telling me they dont know what the DAX FUTURES are?

    So, I am thinking, ok if these guys cant get reputable sales people how the hell are they gonna report the news.

    Oh my favorite was the sales rep just came back from vacation and told me that I didnt call before because her notes didnt show it.

    They refused to give a price quote and kept insisting that I was a group trader.

    I guess that means they PRICE GOUGE according to who you are or who you trade with.

    Someone recommended Need to Know News for 125.00/mth

  4. Longhorns,

    Do you currently subscribe to a real time news service?

    Thanks, BT.
  5. triggernews is often slow with the headlines and you need to be extremely precise with your keyword filters. otherwise, you get a billion headline matches.

    triggernews might be good if your keywords are specific stock names or symbols but otherwise, i did not find it useful for news trading.
  6. Yes.... Bloomberg, Reuters, Trade The News, Newstrade, and Briefing Trader.
    They are all very good except for "Trade the News" which completely sucks.
  7. how much is newstrade per month?