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Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by Casey30, Jun 19, 2003.

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    Does any one know of a good news service? I am looking for one that will read the headlines aloud. My price range is up to $500.

    I have heard of wall ST source and ANy others out there that are really fast?

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    Just bumping this,

    any information would be really appreciated.

  3. it won't read the news aloud but is the way to go if you have 500 to spend and are looking for intraday news to play. You can open various windows and somewhat filter the news by sector, and if there are say 50 stocks you follow, you can add them into a portfolio and anytime one of those ticker symbols is mentioned in a headline, it will color code the headline for you.

    Our office gets tradethenews and it definitely pays for itself. Try and go in with a group subscription if you can...I think that will knock the price down.
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    It doesn't say that they read the news outloud
  5. they don't. sorry I edited the comment.
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    Thanks, I will check that out.