News service for futures markets?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by usedtowork, Jul 29, 2009.

  1. I currently trade US stocks and energy/financial futures, and have been slowly focusing more of my attention on my futures trading as my profits in those areas have increased, and of course I much prefer the mechanical aspects of futures to stocks. I'm a momentum/news trader and I currently use TradeTheNews to get the scoop on things that affect energy/financial futures, like oil/natural gas inventories, bond auctions, interest rate decisions etc.

    However the world of futures is vast, and I'm interested in trying my hand at trading more than just energy and financials. I guess my first question is a) what other futures have news on a weekly or other regular basis that can be traded on, and b) are there any news services like TradeTheNews that cater exclusively to futures traders, and would cover these markets?
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    If you want cutting edge news Bloomberg is your man.
  3. Reuters. Couple this with their Triach feed and you are golden.
  4. Thanks guys, what news services specifically should I inquire about at Bloomberg and Reuters? To be honest I have trouble figuring out what products they offer that might suit a retail trader like me instead of an i-banker on a trading floor!