News service comparable to Trade The News

Discussion in 'Trading' started by tradernj, Feb 1, 2008.

  1. tradernj


    Anyone know of a service that's comparable to Trade the News. I just got a quote from them, and they want $850/mo. I like the service, but that price is ridiculous!
  2. tradernj


    They want $850/mo for Global Equities with audio.
  3. belmondo


    I'm paying not more than $50. not audio.
    but some times they lag about 10-50s
  4. tradernj


    IMO, it's not worth getting without the audio, which is the expensive part. During the free trial, I ran it simultaneously with Fly Radio (a free service). Trade the News was a good minute faster. There were some stories that Fly didn't even mention.
  5. jsmooth


    damn thats expensive!...better off just getting a Bloomberg terminal installed, i thought those were about $1,000/month
  6. CNBC.

    Trade The News needs to change their name to Fade The News.