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  1. My experience is the real time feeds are always behind the price movements. It lead me to conclude:

    1) The first wave of buying was before the news release.

    2) If I buy on the "fresh" news I'll be paying too much and if trading I'll get left holding the bag.

    3) I should consider fading the news as I see the volume and pace slow down. Let someone else hold the bag.

    4) Some news is good for more than one wave of buying... i.e Forbes and Barrons.

    5) is very good for stories but just to tell me why the price moved. You can get that much for free.

    Good Trading...

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  2. vinigar


    Went to newsware...on home on latest news from NewsWare...seems to be up to date....check it out and let me know what you think.:)
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  3. vinigar


    El Cazador,
    Your thoughts about fading the news along with declining volume is well taken...I'll keep it under my hat and use your advice the next time. Have you ever had good experiences with real time news? How about news that could make a general overall upturn or downturn for the market? Do you think that they would be significant enough to change your profit and loss? You seem to have a unique insight in this regard...probably from good experience. The facts can help us all.:)
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  4. Vinigar,

    I noticed that, it says latest news from myNews, not NewsWare. I guess they were planning on doing a free delayed site, and discontinued it. Still, it doesn't give a very good impression.

    I'm sure NewsWare still works though, as TerraNova-MB and others still offer it.

    Click on the graphic on this page and it'll show you a screenshot.

    Also, I went to the site and found a complete list of their vendors:

    NewsWare is listed, and so is Townsend Analytics, the guys who make RealTick.

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  5. jperl


    You are right about the first wave of buying coming before the news release. I never understood this, but it is pretty consistent across the market. I 've always wondered where this first wave of buying is coming from. Is it from rumor or leaked information?
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  6. vinigar


    Exactly...where is this first wave coming from...somebody and apparently a LOT of sombodies are able to have this legal information in a real good timely do they do it? I do not want to trade on gossip, or speculate...however, the facts are important and can indeed affect my intraday trading, either to the good or to the bad...thats why I started this are these people getting their information? traders what do we know in regards to this subject?...what are the things that can give us all an edge and improve our trading abilities? can we use this to improve our image?...El Cazador provided a good post and his message is clear...Voodoo is stepping up to the plate and doing some great research and posting good results...sooner or later we will be able to narrow this down and provide some pretty good guidelines for all of us. AS we go through this lets start broadly and refine things down:
    1. General gudeline for news and media.
    2. Costs.
    3 Pro and Cons.
    4. Specific do and don't list
    5. Integrating this information carefuly into your trading plan.
    6. A place for constant feedback on how a given service affects your trading.
    7. Timely information (FACTS) that are reliable.
    8. What do the big boys use and why.
    9. Find an initial it...trace the news back.
    10. Recommend to Barron we need a major catagory for this.
    Later I intend to give a personal account of a trade that cost me about $2000.00 loss because of the news and my own stupidity. In the meantime lets keep digging this out..we've got a good start
    :) :)
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  7. vinigar


    Great post and great research:) Did you notice that at TerraNova the difference between their $170.00 package vs. their $195.00 package? The difference is:
    Do theses services have an edge over the others...even the great Dow Jones? Hmmmmmmm? The only one which is not included in cheaper packages is Comtex. What makes Comtex so great?
    Who is the best:
    1.Business Wire
    2.PR News
    3.Internet Wire
    5.Dow Jones
    6.Fly on the wall
    10. Zacks
    11.Knight Riddder Business Papers
    These are all pay for services and there is probably plenty more...criteria for these would be helpful for all our members...I hope some more of our senior members would contribute more to this thread as they have been at it longer and could attest to their experiences with some of these news organizations.'ve contributed greatly with many of your posts...what is your pro firm using? and why? Candletrader...I have a lot of respect for've been awful quiet always seem to put things in a good perspective...we could use your insight here. Voodoo keep up the good work and lets keep the ball rolling...hopefully we take this to a point of great benefit for all of us.:)
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  8. dkamp

    dkamp Guest

    (Looks like voodoo would like us to extend this news thread, so am posting here...)

    Okay, having lived with whatever news feed a broker provides, or what I've stumbled across on the Internet, I'd like to resolve a nagging question I've had for some time:

    When faced with a pre-scheduled news event (rate change, economic report, etc.), what is the least expensive, most reliable, most timely way to hear about the outcome of that event?

    And forget CNBC. Those guys don't have a clue about what's important or how to provide the info in a timely manner to a trader. And I don't care about lots of details about specific stocks, just timely reporting and quick evaluation of major market-moving news. Thanks!
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  9. zxcv1fu


    I found briefing realtime is delayed, the stocks generally have moved 1 hour.

    Since news are so time/$ consuming to gather, is it better to be alerted when any stocks have abnormal activities pop up in the radar screen like HotTrend.

    I am new in RealTick & trying to gather the info about how to use the HotTrend stock list in RealTick:

    HotTrend feature for NASDAQ & NYSE.
    Help Files


    Presentation Material

    Hope some one more experienced can show me how to use the list. Is it useful?
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