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    Ever notice how some stocks just jump in price and your left sitting there wondering how you could have been a part of it? Where do these guys get there information from...whats more, how do they get it so soon, before everyone else...this information is released long before the regular news organizations post it. I would like to start this thread as a place to find....INSTANT or is fact based reliable news...not gossip. Not only can this information help us profit, but it can also help us prevent losses.
    1) Where can you go to get this inside information?
    2) Is there a good reliable Free Service?
    3) Is there a good reliable Pay service and how much?
    4) Is there an alert system available that ties in with your trading?
    5) How fast and timely are the services?

    Please post your recommendations... Baron, we have a rating system for about one for the news? If some of the services that we have to pay for are not reliable and are ripping us off, we should know that. A rating system could prevent a lot of money being lost.
    I hope this turns out to be a good thread and is helpful for all of us traders.:)
  2. You want a *free* site that offers access to *inside information*? :) I think inside information is the stuff that hasn't been made public by the company, and obtaining such information illegaly and using it to trade can get you in trouble.

    Now, if you want public information, get a news feed like business wire, dow jones, etc.

    Some brokers offer that service, for example take a look at

    If anyone knows stand alone news services (not linked to a broker) that are streaming and not web based please post the url here. Does anyone know if newswatch is now available directly from...who ever makes it.

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    Voodoo...yep straight and legal thats the way it must be...however, some people seem to find out the news ahead of others...we both know that thats a distinct is it done?...legally of course.
    Jules, I stopped at check these out and post what I find...many things here seem of interest.
    Thanks for your guys posts...lets keep it interested in how all of you rate these services...some of our senior members are bound to have some good input on this thread.:cool:
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    Per your recommendation I checked out TerraNova News...they offer:
    1. Business Wire
    2. PR News
    3. Internet Wire
    4. Reuters
    5. Dow Jones
    6. Fly on the Wall
    7. Jagnotes
    8. Newstraders
    9. Comtex

    Any members currently using these? How do you like them? Does one seem to give quicker or faster legal information when others do not. In the meantime I will try to check these out and post my findings. Thanks Voodoo:)
  6. Keep the following things in mind. Business wire and PR News are both wire services used by companies to publish their press releases. Some of the news wires are available free on Yahoo and other places, and Allstocks does a good job of aggregating them, but the free versions are 15 minutes delayed. If you want real time, you are going to have to pay for it, and to aggregate serveral news sources in one software application you'll have to use a service like news watch, or the news module in real tick.

    Also, TerraNova-MB is a broker, and you'll only be able to sign up for the newswatch service if you have an account with them. This is why I was asking if anyone knows of stand alone news services such as newswatch.

    Some time ago I called the people who make NewsWatch, and was told that for the time being they only make their service available through a number of direct access brokers.

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    One that I found pretty good is Cost is $10/month. Their headline news is updated in "realtime". I put this in quotes because what they do is digest the news before releasing it to you so you don't have to wade through all the boiler plate that most press releases have. The problem with this of course is that the digest is anywhere from 5 min to 30 minutes late. For a day trader that may be too late.
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    I went and registered with news can alert you by email and arrange things by topic or stock have a choice of real time news...hmmmmmmm we'll see..I'll check it out for a week and let you know.
    Jules have you had any experience with this one? has many selections...whats your opinion?:)
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    Checked out free service isn't to bad...their hourly in play is time lined and had some good releases prior to the market open...thanks for your suggestion...will check this out further.:)
  10. Ok, I did some more research on this. I vaguely remembered that the people I talked to were the same people who sold myTrack. I looked up that web page and eventually found the new site for TrackData Corporation (almost missed it since their old url now points to some Dutch company.) Then I found out why I could never find a web page for their NewsWatch service (no search engine lists them in the first few pages of results) - becouse NewsWatch is a part of a package they call NewsWare. Turns out they also have an API that let's you write your own aplications to access the news sources they provide. For a commercial company that sells what seems to me like a pretty great service they sure seem to be doing everything possible to try to hide it.

    The impression I get here is the same one I got 2 years ago - that they just don't seem to be interested in providing the service to retail customers. They mostly seem to deal with corporate clients. Maybe something has changed and this is no longer true.

    Anyway, here is the link:

    Check the menu on the left, click on news sources, that is a pretty impresive list, though most of those are probably useless. The list includes Dow Jones Broadtape, which I was told is the best news wire service.

    I'm not going to sign up for their service at the moment, but if anyone is interested, call them and ask if they provide a service to retail customers such as daytraders, ask them what the prices are. Post the info on this thread, maybe if more people call them they'll realise daytraders could be a significant source of revenue for them.

    You can also email them at

    Some more links:
    Track Data's main page: (has a product list at the buttom.) news center section:

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