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Discussion in 'Trading' started by Brandonf, Mar 14, 2003.

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    KRI downgraded to neutral at Merril. Good weekly support, look for buying.
    AET upgraded at SG Cowen. Huge up day yesterday into Resistence. Look for shorting opportunities.
    KBH beat earnings by 8 cents. The stock has rallied up to an area of gap resistence. Look for shorting opportunites.
    KO was reiterated as an outperform by Goldman. The stock has rallied over the last few days to a strong area of resistence. Look for shorting opportunities.
    TEVA has had coverage initiated at OUTPERFORM by Wachovia. The stock is at an area of minor resistence. Look for shorting opportunities.

    Overall the market should consoladate for a few days. Yesterday was the widest range day of the year in the Nasdaq. It was a healthy breakout, but nothing moves in a straight line.

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    The news often provides a catalys for large moves in individual stocks and in the market as a whole. Most people, however, manage to lose big when they trade the news by buying good news and selling bad news blindly. This does not always work because the news does not mean anything in and of itself, it simply brings peoples attention to a stock, sector, index - and from there pre existing trading plans and emotion take over. Often times you will see a downgrade in a stock with a decent technical bottoming pattern (for example) and the upside will be very good.