News? Limited? Says Mr lord murdoch, most powerfull man on the planet.

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  1. Since when did this guy NOT make most his money from bullshit gossip rags, making mega mcsquillions from crap he KNOWS people are stupid enough to lap up.

    Is selling people turd sandwiches ethical, if you know their dumb enough to buy them?
    Or does that depend on the price.

    "Hey, dude, thats a turd sandwich."


    "Yeah, but its so cheap! I can get five of these for the price of a sandwich with actual food in it.
    And the bread's made from recycled news of the world & womens magazines, so its environmentally freindly, too!!"

    consumer 1;

    "Yes, but it's -it's just a lot of turd sandwiches, you cant swallow that shit, surely."


    "Oh yeah? well your just a commie, this is free enterprise at its best, market efficiency at work, you left wing weirdo! You watch, ill eat these turd sandwiches, because-because your a anti -capitalist anti -freedom, commie wierdo!! These are the best quality, best value turd sandwiches you CAN buy anywhere, and it was my choice to buy them! !You dont like freedom of choice, consumerism, or democracy?

    consumer 2;
    "Whatever. Bon appetite.",20867,21618449-7582,00.html

    I just thought his quote in said link there was funny, given.......

    you know......

    If it ever changes to "news un-limited", well.
  2. Amazing, everyone's got an opinion on bush, the middle east, religion or taxation, but noobodies got anything to say about the , i 'd have thought, critical and even incisive comments of the eminent, all powerfull ideologue of the world at large, the man who brings great cable to your tellie's, (i gather thats disputable) and swamps the chattering classes with shite, to the extent theres no way up for them but to keep on chattering.

    I dislike the man, immensely-he has no soul, near as i can tell, having thumbed through many of his rags.

    To my way of thinking, they are-truly worthless, as products, as "things", as -even objects, disposable, rubbish crapola, cover to cover.

    That being said, while i despise his publications, the basis of his alleged "media" empire, he did at some points try and produce quality work, only to find they didnt sell, and that people DID in fact want derivative, pointless, sensationalist, populist shite, and that thats where the money in the market was.

    Perhaps im wrong about something, maybe his shithouse, pandering PUKE publications HAVENT been at the forefront of social disintegration and harm;

    But mark my words, when this esteemed businessmen goes to meet his maker, the real extent of his monopoly will be marked by absolute chaos.

    Rupert Murdoch, is the most powerful man to have existed, in the last 200 years, IMO.
    Thats not an accolade, not an obituary, not a credit nor a debit, but you look at this mans career, look at his connections, you'll quickly recognise, there is nobody on this planet with his clout.

    Yet, nobody mentioned the milken (funny name, dont you think?)conference.....i sure hope shrub is actually as described, because he sure cant talk for shit in front of a camera.

    I hope, one day, to have a nice barBQ with shrub. I heard he's good at that, and i sure do like a BarbQ.
  3. Well, there you go.

    Not one comment as to the pervasive power of the media, from its collective head honcho-who seems very dissapointed his attempted monopolies on said "news' outlets seems to have been stalled by restrictive trade.

    How ironic.
  4. Yes, there is a correspondence between what "sells" and what is written. There will always be apostles of trash, so long as the trash is valued.

    The businessman is a symbol, as are all things in the earth. He symbolizes the ego, which sells everyone what they want. The ego is about absolute chaos. It is tempered only by the mind that makes it, for that mind is sane in its original condition.

    There is a mind that makes the ego. The ego makes the Murdoks. The Murdoks tell the stories that support the existence of the ego. Support for the world is support for the ego.

    Made to be the maker of this world, the ego does have a near monopoly. Murdok is a symbol of that near monopoly. The bible is an effect of that near monopoly. It sells to those still approving of the ego and its chaos.

    Yet there is reason for hope, brother acronym. The mind that makes the maker of Murdok can be changed. As it changes, the ego is undone...unmade. Change your mind, and you change the rest.

    All products of the ego will "meet" the ego as they examining its chaos. Choosing against the chaos, the ego will be unmade. As this proceeds, the world will change. This is because the world is in the mind of its makers.

    You are the world's maker because it is in your mind. What seems to be "outside" is actually inside. Chaos on the inside is evidenced by chaos on the outside. This remains as long as the ego is a welcome guest of the mind that produces the world.

    The world is a shared making of one mind. This seems like a paradox. But if you can grasp it, you can use the power of such mind to change what you see and experience. The world is built on an idea: separation. This idea was shared in order to make it. That thought makes the world. Changing your mind about that thought unmakes it.

    It does not matter what other seeming minds are doing. You are encouraged to accept full responsibility for what seems to be happening, because of the wholistic nature of each seeming part of the mind making this world up. Each part has the power of the whole. But that power is hidden so long as separation is idealized.

    Just as every creation of God is approved by you before it can be created, every making of the ego was approved by you before it could be made. And with your approval, the ego has set about "proving" its products are of value. It continues to "sell" you the valueless as long as you keep buying it.

    So long as you continue to approve of chaos, you will be sold drivel.

    I am in the business of disproving chaos and its effects.

  5. God does not understand words...

    ... for they were made by separated minds to keep them in the illusion of separation.

    Words can be helpful, particularly for the beginner, in helping concentration and facilitating the exclusion, or at least the control, of extraneous thoughts. Let us not forget, however, that everything in the earth is a symbol. And words are but symbols of symbols. They are thus twice removed from reality.

    Strictly speaking, words play no part at all in healing.

    What you ask for you recieve. Without words, you ask for the world. And without words, you ask for heaven.

    Words sometimes line up with what you are asking. Sometimes not. It does not always recieve what you ask for. What you are really asking for is what I call "prayer".

    The evidence of what you are asking for is what you see and experience.

    It is the ego and its symbols that multiply words.

  6. I guess 'ol Rupy must have been frustrated with his failure to make a conglomopoly of asia's news.

    So, what's he do-launches a bid for the entire dow jones network.

    Thats what they say about biz, you make your own opportunities...........

    Fox street journal, anyone?
  7. Hmm.
    Presidential bullshit, fake war concerns, endless media sponsored crap really.

    Its only possible to presume, no comment on the actual issues is allowed, which wouldnt surprise me, despite excerpts from jesus.

    The time has long since past for relevant comment, im prepared to acknowledge real factors aren't actually up for discussion, here, or elsewhere.

    Oh well.

    Sieg Heil!!!!!
  8. There's something about the media business that seems to attract these "Barons." The all time classic film Citizen Kane was about William Randolph Hearst, the Murdoch of his day. The founding families all still control the NYT, the Washington Post and the Wall Street Journal through super voting classes of stock that disenfranchise the ordinary shareholder. They would criticize other companies which did it, but they don't see anything wrong with using it to entrench their own control. They would say it's about maintaining journalistic integrity, as if they are the only people alive who could be trusted with such an awesome responsibility. It's plain to see it's about ego and being able to control the public debate. Some things are worth more than money apparently.

    I hope Murdoch does take over the Dow Jones. Can anyone say their publications couldn't use some shaking up and weeding out of deadwood?

  9. Yeah, they really do get into this "empire" thing-but what it boils down too, is these people have to much power.

    These bozo's are more than happy to destroy peoples lives, print blatant falsehoods, mulch out celebrity pap for a cheap buck, then turn around and bleat about freedom of the press.

    FWIW, every publication should have a page 3 girl.......but thats beside the point.

    Why go into politics, when you can own a media conglomerate !