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  2. guess its time to go short on Monday then huh
  3. I am a bear of the poor and middle class economy but it very well might be a bull market for the upper class economy. To have a more profitable business all you need to do is borrow money with very small interest rates and downsize the workforce. Hey just because the economy is broken does not mean with low interest rate happy pills it can’t move up.
  4. Here are my thoughts of the morning....Look at the previous downtrend. We would have these huge 40% selloffs and then followed by 20% advances.
  5. Now if the old rules stay the same, which they may change, then I say the price will probably get into the mid-1400s before a deeper selloff.
  6. Now how am I going to play this and what is a good setup? Well, the safe way is to go with an ultra etf. However, if you like to gamble then I say go for the March/April 145 calls.

    However, a lot of cash can be made using a Dan Zanger method with the ultra etfs...using a high amount of margin on the ultras using simple technical analysis. A nice 20% swing during a bear is a 40% swing with the ultra. Using margin and you almost got 80% 2-1) in 3 months if played right.

    Im taking the calls.
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    you mean the bear market is over...cramer is th e ultimate contrarian indicator.And i cant beleive this ahole is allowed to flipflop 5000 times a day and get away with his crap.He ' s truly a horrible retarded moron with no credibility.Isnt anybody at cnbc,sec embarrassed by his stuoidity and immaturity?Wasnt he banned from wall st by sec?Why is he allowed to continue to promote his irresponsible wrecklessness?He has been wrong at every market inflectioon point....oct-mega bull,January 20-mega bear....february1 the biggest bull....

    market has rallied hard and will fall 500 points this week...i said it...therefore it is.
  8. cramer is part owner of the streetcom and also part owner of a trading company that trades the stocks he speaks of

    fabulous business model
  9. agree,there is no excuse for the way he acts;like a child. he's very smart but then so are thousands of others on wall street,why should he be afforded a pass for his childish behavior.cnbc is losing credibility by the day,not that it had much to begin with.
  10. even with these advantages he underperforms the market in his aa portfolio.
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