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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by cmk, Jul 15, 2005.

  1. cmk


    I have become quite spoiled down at Merc with the vast array of data service terminals (Bloomberg, Reuters, etc) and the DJ News Wires up on the big boards all day (except the DAX has been busted for a week now........)

    I want a good news feed that will provide me with the major headlines during the day, mainly economic reports. Is DJ News Wires available as a stand alone application or do you have to pair with some overpriced other software?
  2. Toonces


    There are some brokers that will offer DJ News as a standalone service. You may want to check to see what your broker offers.

    I think you can get DJ News directly from Dow Jones. I talked with a DJ sales rep a few years back, when I was considering doing just that. I can't remember if they offered the $95 version, or just the more expensive option.
  3. cmk


    I use IB right now and as far as I know they don't offer anything.

    I'm screwing around with some RSS feeds from Reuters and Bloomberg but i doubt they are updated in real time so it wont do me any good.
  4. cmk


    Has anyone found any RSS Feeds that are real time? I have set up Reuters and Bloomberg RSS feeds but will have to wait until the market day to see if numbers come out in real time on it or if they are delayed.

    I trade bonds mainly and need economic figures as they are released to act quickly, so real time is a must.

    No stand alone newswire service is available?