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  1. john7722


    Hi , do you use IB NEWS feed for a specific stock?
    For example when I click IBM it hardly ever shows any news
    In general that news feed for specific stocks is not very good.
    Sometimes something major happens and there is no news about it in the feed.

    If you don't use that feed, where do you get stock specific news?
    I often google a specific ticker but I often find only 1month old articles.

    Thank yo u.
  2. BKR88


    Create a portfolio in
    News stories will be reported below your list.
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    Are you paying for the website?
  6. jys78


    Just from curiosity - why would you want such a thing?
  7. john7722


    I do little bit of swing trading with a small % of my portfolio and I like to follow all the news about a specific company.
  8. jys78


    Curious how publicly available "news" would help with this? I mean, by the time you see it the move will have already happened, right?
  9. john7722


    I kind of bet against "fake"positive news. Especially in this bear market. When there is a positive news from analyst and that stock goes up 12% in 1 day because they upgraded it for no aperant reason . I would wait when buying stops and then short the stock .

    KSS is a good example. Every 2 month someone wants to buy them and stock jumps 20% on that news. But every single company eventually backs out. It looks like legal manipulation . So if there is positive news about a company that does this kind of things a lot a I short them when I see the price kind of stabilized.
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