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    Good Afternoon Traders,'s own Gary Deduke will be hosting a workshop at next week's International Traders Expo in New York City. This hands-on workshop will review the transition in market sentiment from financial meltdown to that of cautious optimism. It will explore the impact of the common and less typical market-shocking events in the most recent past, and discuss the major themes expected to drive FX trends in weeks and months to come.

    Workshop Details:
    Monday, February 15, 6PM EST
    Location: International Traders Expo, New York, NY
    Event Type: Free and Open to the Public
    Register HERE:

    About Gary Deduke:
    Gary Deduke has nearly a decade of experience in the foreign exchange arena, having served in the capacities of analyst, dealer, and money manager. He has traded FX for himself and his clients, as well as on a broker dealing desk. For the past year, Mr. Deduke has served as a currency specialist at, a premier financial news and research portal/audio-squawk, catering to professional equity, futures, and currency traders. His insights have also appeared in the Wall Street Journal, Futures magazine, Bloomberg, and Reuters.

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    Feel free to tell your friends and colleagues about this event. We hope to see you there!

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