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    For the last 7 years, I've traded under my own banner but I began my trading at one of the big (now absorbed) Wall Street firms.

    For a long time, specifically during busy or earnings season, I have collated my own data each night and following morning using some copy/paste, some excel, and a number of different news services and data providers.

    Recently, my brother-in-law, who left his job in the biotech consulting industry, started his own operation as a custom software programmer. In my case, he is saving me several hours of sleep per night by writing applications that parse and sort my data.

    He is not specifically developing for the trading/financial markets but is including the sector in his overall product offering.

    When asked where to post an announcement, and I figured this was a good spot. I realize that many of you do your own version of this, but for those who are a bit less programming savvy, he is putting out a good product at reasonable prices. Please feel free to email:

    and he and I will work together to translate your trading information needs into a live application.

    As an example, my current list has 1800 stocks and I would spend a full 48-hour weekend collating data several times per year. I now let the programming work hard for 45 minutes and then output the data into excel. For my daily news sort, I need about 20 minutes, down from hours.

    Kind regards to all.