news being used as traps?

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  1. mute9003


    Am i seeing this right?

    Small bits of news are released at precise times to keep the longs from selling?
    And same with shorts?

    I see alot of tiny bits of news that are basically irrelevant. And carry no meaning
    But they have hints of "something is about to happen" and i fell for those also few times
    its like, bland flavor news with a hint of hope for longs and a sprinkle of lambo this weekend

    Very well crafted and carefully placed key words

    I see the news pop during or before a selloff and usually followed by chatrooms full of " wtf happened" im stuck now, loading up more, hold yolo, this will pop tomorrow. It keeps going down . Etc.
    Basically the news always followed by hodlers stuck in a downtrend when they thought something was gonna happen and they didnt sell and now stuck
  2. mikeriley


    Hi There mute9003,

    Trading the news even for professional event-based traders
    dealing in debt instruments is extremely challenging.

    There may be some benefit in using the news as a contrarian indicator.

    Someone trading the news is more than likely
    setting themselves up to be a Fish. (poker term)
  3. Leob


    News for day trading?
    Previous 1,5,15,30 minute bar are your fresh news.
  4. mute9003


    Not trading the news.
    News being used by companies as a way to manipulate the herd.
    Especially in penny stocks and crypto
    Every day i see basically empty news with a hint of either panic or hope.
    And the comment section follows with people who got stuck in it
    Like "something is about to happen" news and boom. noobs who were about to sell based on indicators now are emotionally hooked and decided to hodl instead. And ended up riding the bear go straight to comments and "wtf happened" why is it going down

    I also see post after post of good-ish news on most of ths penny stocks while price continues to go down.
    Like every day they are pumping out some kind of news with tiny bits of hope or panic to sway the investors towards certain move
  5. Big AAPL

    Big AAPL

    Leob...I cannot believe you made such a lucid post. As a technician this is a very on point observation. However, keep in mind that not many traders understand that particular time frame so they are not necessarily wrong. They are simply working on a different time horizon. As a day trader, my trigger points are exactly in line with your observations.
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  6. Leob


    It took me 5 years to get rid from all the BS..
    But why you can't believe?
  7. schizo


    As others already stated, news is usually reflected in the price by the time it gets released.
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  8. mute9003


    i dont even know what it means. yall posting these vague cryptic replies means nothing to people who are learning if you dont explain it...
    if i knew what you meant chances are i wouldnt be here asking questions
    so please if you post something that you understand as an experienced trader at least throw in a sentence or two explaining what any of that means
  9. mute9003


    how does it get reflected in price before being released?isnt news supposed to be new?
    isnt that insider trading if you are being given news before everyone else?
  10. Big AAPL

    Big AAPL

    Because the last post you made that I responded to sounded like a baseball were at the bottom of the fifth...
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