News Anchor Cracks Up At Dikshit

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  1. Some earlier quotes from him:

    You can also check out a little compilation the video here


    Former Television New Zealand host Paul Henry has a long list of questionable on-air comments:

    On Delhi chief minister Sheila Dikshit:

    "What's her name? Dick Shit. And it's so appropriate because she is Indian. So she'd be dick-in-shit, walking along the street. I've known about her for a while and I've been laughing ever since."

    To John Key on Governor-General Sir Anand Satyanand:

    "Is he even a New Zealander? Are you going to choose a New Zealander who looks and sounds like a New Zealander this time?"

    Commenting on a Greenpeace spokeswoman:

    "That was a moustache on a lady."

    On the elderly:

    "A lot of old people need to go to the toilet a lot, quite frankly."

    On food poisoning:

    "How do you get salmonella from fresh tomatoes? I suppose it could be some of those Hispanic people that pick them."

    On women:

    "They have no grasp at all of technology."

    On infant mortality in the developing world:

    "Oh they have enough babies to take care of that. Don't worry about that, we've got six others out the back."

    On Susan Boyle:

    "Here's the really interesting revelation. She is, in fact, retarded. And if you look at her carefully, you can make it out."

    On an Indian petrol station attendant:

    "I said you can't charge $1.71, and he said `oh ba-ding ba-ding ba-ding'. He couldn't speak English."

    After convicted killer William Bell was bashed in jail:

    "I still don't think that Bell got everything that was coming to him, but who knows, maybe he'll buck up, you know get a bit of good health, go back to prison and get bashed again – fingers crossed anyway."

    About prisoners of war in Afghanistan:

    "These people, these killers, these morons, are sort of taken out of their criminal activity, and then, as you say, we need, are expected to, hand them over with kid gloves. No, no, no! We need to get out the Stanley knives."

    On homosexuality:

    "It is unnatural, although homosexuality is through all species. I don't know if it's through all species but many, many species. A lot of monkeys are homosexual."