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  1. I am about to start trading futures on the Hang Seng, Euro Stoxx50, CAC 40, FTSE and the Bund. I've found these to be most liquid after watching them for couple weeks. But, looking for web site or other where one can find info on scheduled economic announcements or other timed events that have the possibility of trapping an offguard daytrader entering a trade just before such an event.
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    And you're going to sleep when? :)

    Even though you aren't trading any US indices, keep an eye on the US economic releases. They can have a big effect on the European indices in the afternoon. (Afternoon in Europe, that is.)

    The three European indices you are going to trade are pretty highly correlated. How did you choose to trade all three instead of just one? Did you consider the Dax?
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    take a look at - global news from the Financial Times.

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    Hong Kong - no set events during the day maybe after the close. or over the lunch break. There was an exeption a few months back when S&P changed HK's rating and did so via an e-mail to their clients. Big todo about that one in the local press.

    European central bank meetings are usually scheduled well in advance an the announcements come out at a scheduled time. Bloomberg has a good economic calendar. Other news.... you're probably going to be to slow and you'll see it in the futures before you read it.
  6. def, thanx for the info. I can't find the calendar on though?
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    Not in the office now. brain freeze on the economic figures code. if I remember before i hit the sack i'll post, otherwise, tomorrow.

    One to start is CACC - corporate action.


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    economic news calendar bloomberg:

    <Govt> ECO [country]
    eg: <Govt> ECO HK
  10. Thanks for the replies !!! Does anyone daytrade Hang Seng or Nikkei ? Are they electronic and how's liquidity ? I like these indexes because charts seem to trend fairly well and the timeframe is right (I'm in USA ET so when I get home in the evening these markets are opening).
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